HE 5731 Sterowanie 16-32zawory

 The solenoid valve controller HE 5731 is used for the time- or differential-pressure-dependent control of solenoid valves in industrial dust extraction technology. Up to 64 valves are controlled with the base unit and three expansion units. The base unit communicates with the expansions over a RS-485 connection. The valves are activated sequentially and are not chamber-oriented. They are monitored for excess current and interruption. Errors are displayed on the base unit. The controller is simple to operate through symbol labelling and LEDs for status and differential pressure indications. The differential pressure signal is supplied as 4...20 mA value; as a result the hose connection is less susceptible to faults. The controller is available purely as time controller in a version without differential pressure display. Accessories, such as the differential pressure sensor HE 5409, the ∆p-connection set and the valve connector with various line lengths complement the controller.


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