HE 8991 Sterownik zaworów elektromagnetycznych 20 - 99 zaworów


  • Activation of 20 valves extendable up to 99 valves with HE 9054
  • Valve voltage 24 V DC / 1 A (option 1.5 A)
  • Digital display of valve number and error indication
  • Exact digital timing
    -  pulse time   1   ms...99 s
    -  pause time 0.1    s...99 min
  • 5 relays for operation/error/cleaning signals, alarm functions and post-cleaning for discharge-organs
  • Flexible selection of functions
    - time-controlled mode
    - ΔP- dependent mode
    - optimized timing of cleaning via pressure-monitoring at the air-reservoir (option)
  • Forced-cleaning / post-cleaning / multiple pulse activation
  • Valve monitoring functions (option)
  • 3 inputs for variable configuration
  • 2 relay outputs for variable configuration
    -  operation signal
    -  malfunction signal

The  solenoid valve and sequential control unit HE 8991 is used for pulse activation of solenoid valves in air pollution control systems. Each function as for example post-cleaning procedure of the industrial filter, time-controlled forced-cleaning and multiple pulse activation of a valve can be selected by the user as required. The HE 8991 has build-in test functions for checking individual valves, the complete line of valves, and a high-speed current check for detecting open- or short-circuits.


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