Bernas Engineering is trade company leaded and managed by Krzysztof Bernaś. Its main area of business activity is a wide domain of environmental protection. Bernas Engineering operates on domestic market and international market since 1997. In the beginning of company the core of business were marketing and consulting services. The company was focused mostly on clients from German-speaking countries. Bernas Engineering represented their interests in Poland. After development the company engaged in transfer of technology and products.


Nowadays business activity of Bernas Engineering is based on four main pillars:

1.       We are exclusive representative of German company HESCH and we distribute solenoid valve controllers, differential pressure controllers, pressure transmitters, field bus supported dedusting system etc., which are used in automation of technological processes.

2.       We are exclusive representative of German company Hauber and we distribute vibration sensors and products for vibration measurement.

3.       We represent interests of Swiss company Hug AG which is owned by Faurecia. We supervise production executed in Poland and implement delivery to target customers on the whole world.

4.       We run others firm’s projects related to manufacture of steel constructions and weldments by realizing order from the moment of receiving documentation to deliver ready-made elements to target client.

We also organize and secure transport (maritime transport included) with all matters connected to building crates and stacking containers.
Bernas Engineering is up-to-date company which is open for changes and innovation. In our business we operate according to Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2015 which has influence on improving quality of products and services. Aiming to get strong and permanent market position Bernas Engineering permanently implements innovative technologies that improve trade activities. Excellent knowledge of the market and management based on world trends let gain satisfaction of clients, competitive advantage and leader’s position and finally constantly strengthen brand image.

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